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March 24 2005
Myst IV's Realtime-3D-Past
Before Ubisoft took over the Myst franchise, former rightsholder Mattel Interactive hired Dreamforge to continue the saga after Presto's Myst III: Exile. | more |

Myst IV: Soundtrack Status Update
According to Jack Wall, 1000 copies of the Myst IV soundtrack are going on sale anyday on There are plans for a wider release, but no informations on that yet. Thanks for the update, Jack.

Myst IV: Revelation 1.03 Update available
The newest update to Myst IV adds the long awaited support for multiple language subtitles (English, Italian, German, French or Spanish) and fixed some Nvidia problems on Windows.
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Myst IV: Revelation for XBox
Ubisoft will release Myst IV for the XBox in March. It will feature Dolby Digital Surround 5.1 sound.
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Revelator 5.0 released
Ron Hayter's Revelator lets you extract almost anything from Myst IV: music, dialogue, sound effects, videos in bink format, journals and now even subtitles.
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October 26 2004
Revelator: Tool to extract Music, Dialogue and Sounds from Myst IV
Ron Hayter is the man of the hour! His tool he's calling Revelator lets you extract music, dialogue and sound effects from Myst IV in its original Ogg Vorbis format. It's a Java application and available for Mac OS X and Windows. Thank you, Ron!
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Interview with Cyan's Rand Miller and Chris Brandkamp
The Spokane Public Radio held an exclusive interview with Rand Miller and Chris Brandkamp on October 22. You can now listen to a stream or download a recording courtesy of kevin8020.
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October 12 2004
Myst IV Landmark Trailer now available
The Myst IV Trailer which is running the USA in the Landmark Theaters is now available for download. A lot of spoilers!
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Jack Wall Interview on XGR
XGR (X-Treme Gaming Radio) conducted an interview with composer Jack Wall on September 28. In the interview, Wall talks about is work on the Myst IV soundtrack, Peter Gabriel's involvement with the project and the upcoming score to Bioware's "Jade Empire". The show's in MP3 format and clocks in at approximately 18 minutes.
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September 30 2004
Myst IV Review from GameSpot with new Pictures and Movies
GameSpot is one of the first who reviews Myst IV and also offers dozens of new screenshots and four ingame movies. Plenty of spoilers!
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Myst IV Trailer on the Big Screen
Landmark Theatres in the USA will be hosting a 45 second Myst IV: Revelation Trailer on all of their 204 screens during October. The 45 second promotional trailer will play on all 204 screens in 57 theatres circuit-wide for 4 weeks, during the month of October. Let's hope the trailer will also soon be downloadable.
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Myst IV Soundtrack News
According to a thread in the Ubisoft forums the Myst IV soundtrack included in the Collector's Edition isn't on a seperate Audio CD. Nine MP3 files (running time around 30 minutes) are on the Making of disc. Katie wrote: "The Soundtrack is not yet ready for release. Rather than not include the soundtrack in the Collector's Edition at all, it was decided to gather a few tracks which represent the music and place it in the CE. [...] The Soundtrack will be available at a future date."
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September 27 2004
The Making of Myst IV: The Saga
In this previously unreleased and final part of the Making of Myst IV, we are taking a look behind the saga of the Myst games. It's a 45 MB download! | more |

Myst IV as BitTorrent-Download
On September 23 cruel pirates put Myst IV: Revelation via BitTorrent online. They removed all localization data to make the download smaller - it's still more than 6.5 GB. It's not unusual that games and movies appear online before their official release dates. But: Don't pirate!

Interview with Jack Wall
Game Zone Online talked with Jack Wall about his soundtrack for Myst IV, the Game Auto Network Guild and his future plans. | more |

Live Chat with Team Revelation
The Myst IV: Revelation team will be online on Tuesday 28 September. There will be two chats, one French and one English. The chat will take place at the Ubisoft Chat Room, in the #MystWorlds channel. French chat (8 AM PST, 11 AM EST, 17.00 CET) with Geneviève Lord, Olivier Léonardi, Gwenaël Heliou and Gilles Monteil. English chat (11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 20.00 CET) with Geneviève Lord, Mary DeMarle, Jack Wall, Olivier Léonardi, Gwenaël Heliou and Sébastien Yelle. | more |

No Myst IV Collector's Edition for Switzerland
Sad news for Myst fans in Switzerland. I've been told my Ubisoft Germany that there are no plans to release the Myst IV Collector's Edition in Switzerland. The cheapest way to get your hans on a CE anyway is to order it from | more |

September 23 2004
Peter Gabriel's Myst IV Contribution
In addition to collaborating with Myst IV's soundtrack composer Jack Wall, Peter Gabriel also lends his voice to the game. He did the voiceover for the gateway to Serenia. The song Peter Gabriel contributed for the Myst IV soundtrack is called "Curtains" and it isn't a new track. It's a B-Side track from one of his older albums. You can download a sample from "Curtains" here.
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Revelation Exhibit at the Dali Museum in London
From September 17 to 19, the Dali museum in London, showcased some of the artwork used in the development of the Myst series, with sketches and other elements used to construct the games. Several reports about the exhibit are now online.
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September 15 2004
The Making of Myst IV: The Music
I'm proud to present you another (bigger) look behind the scenes of Myst IV. This time Jack Wall and other people from the Revelation team talk about the sound and music of Myst IV. It's a 58.1 MB download!
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September 13 2004
Interactive Myst IV Desktop
Swiss Myst-Fan Rolf Eichenberger offers a great piece of software for Mac and PC: An interactive Myst IV desktop, that will it easier to wait till September 30. The Flash based interactive desktop features several Myst IV pictures to choose from.
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Final Myst IV System Requirements
Ubisoft mentions the final system requirements for Myst IV in their online store.
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Myst IV Report in German Fantasy-Magazine "Nautilus"
The new "Nautilus"-issue, a German adventure and fantasy magazine, features a 3 pages long article on Myst IV. The "Nautilus"-staff have prooved several times, that they are true Myst fans. Issue number 13 even had the whole Myst III: Exile soundtrack on its CD.
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September 10 2004
New Footage in German TV-Show "neues"
Back on August 21 die German TV channel 3sat had a report about the Game Convention in Leipzig in its show "neues" that features some never seen before Myst IV footage. Starts after 1 minute.
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September 8 2004
The Making of Myst IV: The Access Video
Some of you may already have seen this video at the official Myst IV website - but not that big. Take a look behind the scenes of Myst IV in the video entitled "Access". It's a 49.2 MB download!
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September 7 2004
Myst IV goes Gold
Myst IV's Creative Director Patrick Fortier posted the following to the Mystobsession webboards: "Gold". That means that Revelation is finished. Congratulations to the Revelation team!
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Myst IV Collector's Edition in Germany and even in Canada
As posted by the American and German websites, the Myst IV Collector's Edition will be available in limited numbers in Canada at BestBuy and in Germany at Karstadt.
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